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Long Ago 20in20
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longago20in20 is a 20 in 20 challenge for history and period or costume dramas.

A 20 in 20 challenge is where you have twenty days to complete twenty icons of the subject you have claimed. All of the icons will have a theme assigned to them; ten icons will have an interpretive theme that will change each round, the next five are part of a set that which will be given a category that will change each round and the last five will be artist's choice icons.

The cut off point from history is 1979, anything set before that is considered history and therefore acceptable. Historical fantasy such as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones will be allowed.


01: All claims need to be historical; the emphasis of this community is on costume or period dramas rather than material evidence. More information can be found here
02: Icons must fit the LJ icon specifics of 100x100 pixels in dimension and 40kb or less
03: No animation
04: You can only enter each round once
05: Please only sign up if you think you can make the deadline
06: You can link to your own icon journal only if it is public. All icons need to be visible until voting is over
07: When submitting your completed claim please post a 3 icon preview only
08: Do not disable comments on your post
09: Claims are first come first served. Multiple claims will not be allowed
10: You may not claim the same thing twice in a row
11: Submit your claims as followed – Round #: Your claim
12: Do not tag your entries. I will do that


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